Ahhhh!  The bottom seam came open, what happened?

SOLVED - We have switched to a new adhesive that can withstand greater temperatures, this should no longer happen. We hate to say this, because of the new quality of filter, we have noticed that when worn for longer periods of time (3+ hours), the adhesive on the bottom flap is softening due to the heat from your skin and breathing.  In our internal testing of the new mask, an additional piece of scotch tape on the inside will hold for many days.  Also, if you can be in a safe place for a few minutes, you can take off the mask and let it cool down every now and then, this will also stop the adhesive from softening.  Interestingly, this doesn't seem to happen to people with beards. 

What is the difference between this mask and a surgical mask?

The riMASK’s are non-medical, disposable 3-ply (Cotton - Polyester - Cotton) masks for general purpose protection and are not FDA / NIOSH certified.

A surgical mask is FDA-certified in the “Surgical Apparel” category and can be used by healthcare professionals and first responders. Some surgical masks have ≥ 99% BFE and PFE ratings for use in operating rooms and ICUs, are sterile, and can cost twice as much as non-surgical masks.

Is this an n95 certified mask?
No. N95 certification or NIOSH-42C FR84 is a lengthy and rigorous process, right now people just need appropriate masks.

Can the masks be reused after washing?
No. These are single use masks. We recommend disposing the masks at the end of a day’s use.

Where are these manufactured?
At Meridian Printing, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, United States of America.
Do you offer bulk pricing?
We do, please contact us at rimask@meridianprinting.com with the quantity you are interested in and someone will get back to you.  For not quite bulk but large orders, this website offers a 10% discount on 25 or more packs of 10.

Do you offer custom printing or designs?
We do, please see this page.